Solar Panel: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Know How about Solar Panels

Is solar panels very expensive?
Do Solar Panels Work in Bad Weather?
How Much Roof Space do I Need?
What is the Average Lifespan of a Solar Panel?
Can I store the electricity generated by my PV system?

Solar Power System Components: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Know How about Solar Power System Components

What are the main components of Solar Power System?
Will a Solar plant meet 100% of my power requirement?
What is a Solar PV (Photovoltaic) system and how does it work?
What are the things I should think about if I am planning to go solar?
What are the buying options in the solar market?
Will my system generate during night?
Which Solar PV system is suitable for your project?
Is my rooftop right for Solar plant?
What is Net Metering?
Can I remove my Grid Electricity Connection?
How much does a solar PV system typically cost?
Is Solar Power cheaper than the diesel power?
How much time does it take to install a Solar PV system?
Are there any approvals required to install a Solar PV system?
How much energy will be generated from a 1 KW solar plant?
Why is it that a 100 kW solar plant not produce 100 kW power?
How much is the average life of the solar panels?
What is the annual maintenance for a solar PV system?
Does rain affect the performance of solar plant?
How do I know that the solar setup is working efficiently?
Which equipment can I run with solar energy, i.e., since it is fluctuating I want to use solar energy only for certain loads?
In case of grid failure, is there any chance for shocks to the person who is repairing? What is Island Protection?
Is there any disadvantages of Solar Power System Plants?

TCM Solar Specific: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Know How about TCM Solar Specific

What is the Business Model of TCM Solar?
Why should one choose TCM Solar over other Solar Providers?
What happens at the end of the agreement?
How will I save from Rooftop Solar plant provided by TCM Solar?
Does TCM Solar provide Solar Power through rooftop OPEX Model to Residential Clients?
How TCM Solar selects the client?
Who all can install rooftop solar plants?
Can TCM Solar offer Customized Tariff as per need of the client?
Does TCM Solar help with getting permits for installing the plant?
Do TCM Solar take necessary Insurance Policies to safeguard their own property as well as third party liability?
Will the projects ownership be changed every now and then?
What is the minimum size of the solar power plant that is put up by TCM Solar?
The roofs of my premises are weak. Can I put Solar PV on my roof?
How does solar plant impact my roof integrity?
Will I face problems of Voltage fluctuations and tripping if heavy loads like AC are switched on?
What is the information I need to provide TCM Solar to get a quote?